We believe that community can leverage the power of technology to create a healthier future for our existing generations and generations to come.

Healthcals was born as a brainchild of like minded health conscious individuals who envision to the change the way healthcare has been evolving for patient care in the Indian healthcare and wellness ecosystem. We intend to take help from the community to identify, define problems and create practical solutions which suits the minimum basic needs of every individual.

Here is how we do it

  • Community Involvement- We take help from the community by talking through their everyday health problems faced, engaging them with the use of technology and deliver positive solutions which are practical and easily implemented.
  • Interactive Design- Highly engaging and interactive design helps individuals to keep users health goals on track. From logging food, tracking your exercises to keeping track of your medication; the systems are designed to take care of all your needs on an everyday basis.
  • Predictive Analysis and Results- We engage with the individuals to analyse the behaviour and support with systems which are proven and effective. From checking your goal progress, managing data logs and our interactive system will suggest you intelligent options and recommendations to maintain or improve your health journey.
  • Comprehensive System for Health Management- With your vitals in place, medications on schedule, activity reminders, managing your medical history and health records have never been an easy task to achieve. Our proprietary technology systems have the flexibility to manage all your health data at one place, safe and secure.
  • Social Engagement Platform- Our mobile and web based applications provides you to access a closed social platform which enables patients and individuals to stay connected with their healthcare providers, family and friends, and tools to customize your preferences to share and monitor content.
  • Complete Medical Strategy- Our web and mobile based applications are capable of providing a quick and informed plan of care for the patient. Highly interactive and customizable personal medical records can be accessed through any part of the world and can be used during your next medical appointment, and can share reports privately with family members.
  • Knowledge Management Platform- A completely dedicated section for our users to discover and explore highly inspiring and engaging content on video, audio and articles on preventive healthcare and wellness.

Be a model health system by providing practical healthcare solutions and best in class services at an affordable cost.

The Dimensions of practical healthcare solutions include:

  • Technological Excellence:​ We promise to develop solutions through constantly intervening and disrupting the healthcare management with the use of newer technologies available.
  • Patient Engagement:​ We allow patients to take informed decisions about their plan of care and discuss relevant questions with doctors and encouraging them to take healthy life choices.
  • Operational Effectiveness:​ We are wise and innovative stewards of our resources and maintain the financial stability necessary to meet our high standards of quality and affordability.
  • Physician Engagement:​ We respect the professional and clinical skills of our physician colleagues and engage them in teams that help us deliver optimal outcomes and best serve our patients.
  • Community Involvement:​ We help meet the diverse healthcare needs of our communities by engaging with them and providing care in simplest ways possible.
  • Employee Engagement:​ We are building a culture where people can do the best work of their lives.

Our values are derived from traditional Indian system of being committed to deliver superior services and products. We value the power of technology which can help individuals to take informed decisions based on real time analysis. We help individuals to assess health scores based on their lifestyle by providing workable plans to tackle and prevent possible health conditions in the most engaging, effective, and scalable ways possible.

HCN Care

Chronic diseases or let’s say lifestyle related diseases will kill more people than infectious diseases. India is already a diabetic capital of the world and we are just behind in obesity and leading cardiovascular diseases. With more than 20% of Indian population affected with at least one chronic disease, of which more than 60% lives in leading cities of India. Look around and one in every five is suffering with a chronic ailment. And only your behaviour to manage the condition can help to sustain a healthy lifestyle because these conditions cannot be fixed by any medicines available.
Chronic diseases(lifestyle related diseases) are some persistent problem areas that we have been continuously working upon with leading doctors and healthcare service providers. We are creating a technology intervention through constantly innovating and improving the existing gamut of solutions in preventive healthcare space. The earlier you realise to start managing, you help yourself with its prevention.

  • Predictive Analysis of Health Data
  • Comprehensive System for Patient Vital Management
  • Contained Social Engagement Platform
  • Framework of Health Data Facilitation with Health Service Provider
  • Interactive Platform for Healthcare Awareness

The Fitness Art

A universal tool available on mobile platform to keep track of your fitness goals through an exhaustive database of over 10 million foods and recipes. Collaborated with a leading partner in health and fitness, at TFA, we focus on you taking charge of yourself, you can

  • Customize and create your meals,
  • Log your daily meals and exercises,
  • Track your daily activities,
  • Download and listen inspiring stories from top fitness influencers and
  • A highly engaging social platform to connect with friends and family
  • And a customizable dashboard to access your progress
  • Create and participate in community fitness challenges

These user interactive tools have been created for your to keep you on track of your goals, we engage to motivate, make you aware and be socially aware and acceptable to provide effective solutions to take charge of your daily routine through technology based solutions at the tip of your hands.

Our proprietary User Integration Program(UIP) enables us to keep up with our users about their goal progress. We are here to lend you a hand to change your life once and for and all.

TFA Store

A healthy body is made up of 80% of diet and 20% of your physical activities. At TFA store we take care of supplementing 80% portion of your diet’s macro and micro nutrients. We have pledged to break all kind of myths and stereotypes on health and wellness products by creating awareness and providing genuine wellness products.

We educate and promote how wellness products help in overcoming nutritional deficiencies, may prevent chronic diseases and are vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We instituted TFA Wellness store with

  • a product authentication platform on the store,
  • platform to compare the health and wellness products across websites,
  • platform to try out wellness products samples,
  • ensuring shortest delivery time reaching our customers,

and our unique consumer integration program(CIP) to keep up with our users and customers about feedback on our products and services.